• Clear aisles of 3 to 3.4m
  • First in last out (FILO) for each slot
  • Can be three or four pallets deep, but commonly only two pallets deep
  • Pallets are pushed back from aisle by fork lift trucks
  • Pallets are placed on low friction carts
  • Used for full pallet storage only
  • Forklift drivers need to be careful when loading in an out to avoid pallet damage
  • Utilization: 85-90%
When do you use it?
  • When you have more pallets per SKU and want to gain greater storage density
  • When order picking is not required from pallets within push back racking
When not to use it?
  • When you need to perform order picking from pallets
  • When pallets are accessed frequently for picking and are then put away again
  • Where pallet to pallet contact is can cause damage to stock
  • When you have lots of SKUs with single pallets in stock