Drive-In Racking System

The drive-in racking system is an excellent choice for maximizing storage capacity. It is particularly suitable for storing large quantities of pallets per reference or for managing small quantities of different product codes. The drive-in system typically operates on the LIFO (last in, first out) principle, where the last unit stored is the first to be retrieved. This system is designed for homogeneous storage, where products are stored in columns.

There are two main types of drive-in picking systems available:

  • the drive-in system, where pallets are loaded and unloaded from one side of the drive-in lane, and the drive-through system, where pallets can be loaded and unloaded from both sides for added convenience.
  • The drive-through system often includes additional features to ensure stability and balance during the loading and operation of the storage area.

Key features of the drive-in racking system include its ability to store homogeneous products in each aisle and its efficient use of space compared to traditional pallet racking systems. By utilizing the drive-in racking system, you can optimize your storage capacity while maintaining easy accessibility to your inventory.

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