Gravity System

The gravity system is an excellent solution for storing high-density homogenous products with a high rotation frequency. This system features lanes equipped with rollers, allowing the loading units to slide effortlessly. One of the advantages of this configuration is that it restricts the requirement for product homogeneity to a single lane, providing greater flexibility in storage. Additionally, the pallets are always aligned on the picking side, ensuring efficient handling operations.

The gravity system operates on the FIFO
(first in, first out) principle, meaning that the first pallet stored is the first pallet to be retrieved. This is particularly important for managing products with expiration dates, as it ensures proper stock rotation and minimizes the risk of waste.

Key features of the gravity system include its significant speed in handling operations, the adherence to FIFO logic for pallet rotation, and the optimization of storage space. With this system, load units are always readily available for picking, streamlining the overall workflow. By implementing the gravity system, you can enhance operational efficiency and maximize the use of your storage space.

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