pallet racking system

The pallet racking system is a widely used and versatile storage solution for efficiently storing and accessing individual pallets. It is designed to accommodate different types of pallets, such as flat pallets or mesh box pallets, and is compatible with both Euro and industrial pallet dimensions. Techno-metal specializes in designing and manufacturing pallet racking systems, which can serve as the foundation for automatic storage, mobile pallet racking, and self-supporting storage systems.

There are two main types of pallet racking systems available: selective pallet racking system (wide aisle type) and VNA racking system (narrow aisle type).

Key features of the pallet racking system include its ability to provide greater flexibility in managing products, as well as its compatibility with other handling and picking solutions. With 100% direct access to each pallet, this system allows for easy retrieval of goods. Additionally, the pallet racking system is highly flexible and modular, allowing for easy customization to meet changing storage needs.

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